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Carefree Dental Care for Your Dog

Available at Arnie's Pet Food Store


Did you know 80% of all dogs will develop some form of dental disease by the age of three? Dental disease is the #1 illness in pets. The cause is plaque buildup on the teeth and bacteria below the gumline. It causes gum disease, cavities, and tooth loss. More serious problems can occur such as bladder infections and kidney disease. Plaque absorbed in the blood can clog arteries leading to heart failure.


The fact is dental disease can shorten a dog's life by as much as seven years. But now there is "TEEF". A human grade prebiotic powder you add to your dogs water that safely and naturally targets the root cause of dental disease. TEEF not only eliminates bacteria between teeth and below the gumline that causes periodontal diseases, but fights the plaque that can be absorbed into the blood stream causing serious pet health issues. TEEF is the only product available that safely and effectively improves bad breath, gum health, and tooth whiteness.


TEEF was created by microbiologist Dr. Emily Stein after her rescued dog needed 21 teeth removed and suffered from health issues related to dental disease. Protektin 42 is a patented prebiotic formula. It was designed and named with the ultimate goal of keeping all 42 teeth in your dog's mouth.


Katie at Arnie's Pet Food Store recommends dental check-ups as part of your pet's health care routine along with using TEEF for daily dental pet maintenance. TEEF is available exclusively at Arnie's Pet Food Store in the Alamo Plaza at 56th & Hwy 2. 


Learn more about why you should use TEEF at


TEEF - Daily Doggy Dental Care


TEEF is available at

At Arnie's Pet Food Store

Where we care as much for your pets

as we do our own

Arnie's Pet Food Store

Alamo Plaza / 56th & Hwy 2.

Open 7 Days A Week


Some doggy dental products use chemicals to help clean plaque

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