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Pesticide Free All Natural Flea and Tick Protection for Your Pet


Pet owners should be aware that over-the-counter everyday use flea and tick collars for pets contain an FDA registered pesticide listed on the box. And the NRDC concluded that these collars, even when used as directed, can have “serious health consequences to humans and pets.” They found that unsafe levels of pesticides from flea and tick collars can remain on a dog or cat's fur even after the collar is removed.


The pesticide is located on these flea and tick collars and can rub off on contact. That includes; on other animals, beds, furniture, whatever the pet contacts.  Pet owners should always wash their hands every time they touch their pet, and children should never touch pets wearing flea and tick collars. The same is true with flea and tick sprays.

Oral medications for flea and tick control also have health risks. These come in a soft treat like chew your pet eats. After your dog eats the chew, the pesticide circulates in the blood so when a flea or tick bites your pet, it’s exposed to the chemical and dies. But the FDA warns pesticides used in these chews has been linked to neurologic adverse reactions; muscle tremors, ataxia, and seizures in some pets, along with diarrhea, loss of appetite, or becoming lethargic.


Our philosophy at Arnie’s Pet Food Store is simple - we believe dogs and cats should never have to carry, be externally treated with, or consume pesticides. Mother Nature doesn't use synthetic chemicals. Neither does Earth Animal. So when it comes to protecting dogs and cats from mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks, Earth Animal offers a non-toxic, all natural form of flea and tick protection on sale now and sold exclusively at Arnie’s Pet Food Store, Alamo Plaza, 56th & Hwy 2 where we care as much about your pets as we do our own. Online at

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