Dental Care For Your Dog


Did you know 80% of all dogs will develop some form of periodontal disease in their lifetime? The cause is plaque build up on the teeth. It can create gum disease, cavities, and loss of teeth. More serious problems can occur when the plaque becomes absorbed in the blood through the veins on the gum lines and travelers to the heart potentially plugging arteries. This plaque can also lead to kidney and liver damage. This can shorten a dogs life by as much as seven years.


Stop by Arnie's Pet Foods in the Alamo Plaza at 56th & HWY 2 and check out our line of pet care dental products. Ask us why caring for your dogs teeth is an important part of your canine companions over health and well being.


Arnie's recommends regular brushing, dental chews, and dental check-ups a part of your pet's health care routine.


TEEF - a daily all natural water additive to help eliminate plaque, even below the gumline