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Pet dental care month may only have lasted 30 days, but your pet needs dendal care 365 days a year. It matters!

Maintaining good oral hygene with your pet has many health benefits. By age 3 almost 80% of dogs will have a periodontal disease but it often goes unnoticed untill the disease advances. In advanced stages peridontinitis can lead to cavities, lose of teeth, chronic pain, even heart disease. Good dental care can extend the life expectancy of your dog or cat. 


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Astro Pet Loyalty Program

Now at Arnie’s Pet Food Store. A loyalty program that will save you dollars on pet foods through Arnie’s frequent buyer program. But wait - there's more!  When you join Arnie’s Pet Food Store’s Astro Loyalty Program you’ll become eligible for additional discounts on our full line of all natural 5 star rated pet foods along with discounts on treats, chews, and pet health and maintenance products. Best of all your pet product purchases at Arnie’s Pet Food Store are automatically tracked and applied at the time of purchase. No more saving UPC labels and receipts to get your discount. Find out more about the money saving benefits of our Astro Loyalty Program at Arnie’s Pet Food Store and join today.


Arnie's Pet Foods believes a happy healthy pet starts with good nutrition. This is why we select award winning 5 STAR rated dog foods produced by family owned and operated pet food facilities where production is never outsourced.

Top national brands are often products of multi-faceted corporations with a pet food division that outsources the manufacturing of their pet foods. These corporations spend millions of dollars on highly visible marketing with a convincing message about the superiority of their pet food lines where profits are often put ahead of good pet nutrition.

At Arnie's Pet Foods our goal is to provide the highest quality all natural biologically appropriate pet foods that are produced in a family owned and operated  facility, never outsourced, and provide the proper nutrition for a happy healthy pet.

Shop our VE RAW BAR

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Stop in and checkout these brands plus our additional pet food lines of 5 star, high quality, 100% all natural pet foods. Made in the USA using U.S. sourced products and ingredients.

When you want the best foods for your dog or cat the come to Arnie's Pet Food Store.

Pet Foods Available In:
· Dry / Wet
· Freeze Dried
· Dehydrated
· Raw
· Limited Ingredient
· Puppy / Adult / Senior
· Daily Maintenance

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