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Arnie's Pet Foods believes a happy healthy pet starts with good nutrition. This is why we select award winning 5 STAR rated dog foods produced by family owned and operated pet food facilities where production is never outsourced.

Top national brands are often products of multi-faceted corporations with a pet food division that outsources the manufacturing of their pet foods. These corporations spend millions of dollars on highly visible marketing with a convincing message about the superiority of their pet food lines where profits are often put ahead of good pet nutrition.

At Arnie's Pet Foods our goal is to provide the highest quality all natural biologically appropriate pet foods that are produced in a family owned and operated  facility, never outsourced, and provide the proper nutrition for a happy healthy pet.

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Let’s face it! Modern dogs over thousands of years have developed the ability to survive on a diverse diet. The first dogs shared food stuffs with humans.  Today many continue that tradition by offering their dogs table scraps and leftovers.

The diversity of foods offered to modern day dogs have helped to develop todays thriving pet food industry where hundreds upon hundreds of dog food formulas based on the idea that a dog will eat about everything have been developed. Although most of the dog foods on the market will sustain a dog, is it the balanced nutritional diet that a dog needs to not just survive, but to thrive?

Dogs have evolved from wolves, a meat-eating animal. Today’s dogs still have the teeth, digestive system, and nutritional requirements as their carnivore predecessors. So an ideal dog food similar to their ancestral diet, that of wolves, would appear to be the best diet for a dog.


​The ancestral diet for a dog is 50 – 55% protein, 25 – 30% fat, and 15% carbohydrates. However since a dog has developed the ability to eat about anything, many pet foods are produced using meat by-products and inexpensive fillers such as corn, wheat, and sorghum. They may contain less than 30% protein, 20% fat, but are high in unnecessary carbohydrates, as much as 45 to 7 percent. High carbs can lead to an over-weight pet and  cause diabetes as well as other health issues.

​Dog foods sold at Arnie’s Pet Food Store meet the high demands of nutrition that your dog needs. All meat sources are listed, there are no fillers, dyes, by-products or food additives, and meet or exceed the highest standards of the American Association of Pet Foods. 

Arnie’s Pet Food Store Offers Tips for Selecting the Right Food for Your Dog

Selecting the right food for your dog might seem an easy task, but Arnie’s Pet Food Store is educating pet owners about the pitfalls of choosing the wrong food offering tips to help you keep your pet happy and healthy. For starters, do not depend on ads you see on television that appear to have all the answers. They spend millions of dollars to convince you that their food is best for your canine companion. Afterall, there are specific formulas for puppies, adults, and seniors, as well as for large- or small-breed dogs, dogs with health conditions, including reproductive, sensitive stomach, overweight, allergies, and so much more. In short, selecting a proper dog food takes more than just watching a 30-second commercial.

Here are a few tips from Arnie’s to help you select the right food for your dog:

· Puppies should not be switched to high-protein adult dog food before they are ready, it can cause rapid bone growth leading to adult health issues.

· Dog foods that are high in carbohydrates can cause a variety of health issues such as: diabetes, heart and kidney problems, and obesity.

· Many brand-name dog foods cook nutrients out using high temperatures to mass-produce dog foods, then add synthetic nutrients back and coat the dog food in a non-nutritional flavoring so dogs will eat it.

· Check the recall history of your dog food at For example, Hills Science Diet, one of several companies that pay vets to prescribe pet foods, was recalled in 2019 for elevated levels of Vitamin D, which is toxic, even fatal, to dogs.

Finally, if you are confused about what food to get for your dog, ask a professional. The Katie and Kelly at Arnie’s Pet Food Store have the answers you need. Arnie’s pet foods are not produced by corporate conglomerates, but rather by award-winning family-owned and operated businesses. Our dog food recipes contain 100% all-natural ingredients with trackable sources. They are high in meat proteins and low in carbohydrates. Visit Arnie’s at Alamo Plaza, 56th and Hwy 2, where we care as much about your pet as we do our own. You can also shop online at

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